"Chizzle" & Burn                            Wed                        7-8p            4/7-4/28            $60

April 7 - April 28 This class is a muscle building and toning class focusing on developing lean muscle mass through weight repetitions. Class will be a mixture of dumbbells, weighted plates, and body weight exercises designed to sculpt and define the entire body. Improve your overall strength and fitness while learning proper form and technique. Instructor: Brittanee Brown $60 BOOK NOW

Butts & Guts                               Sat                         9-10a             4/3-4/24               $60

April 3 - April 24 Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am, this class will focus on strengthening and toning your core and glutes through a variety of resistance training exercises designed to target the areas which support and provide the foundation for your body with instructor Brittanee Brown. $60 BOOK NOW

Rise & Thrive Sweatcamp           M, W, F                      5-6a        3/29-4/30           $130

March 29 -April 30 This high energy morning workout is fun enough to get you out of bed, but intense enough for you to see results. It focuses on: burning fat through high intensity interval training; sculpting w/ weight training; and transforming your mind and body with yoga/mobility with instructor Rachel Miller. (NO CLASSES THE WEEK OF 4/12) $130 BOOK NOW

VIRTUAL Sweatcamp Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri + 7-8a+ 3/28-4/30 $199

March 28 - April 30 Schedule: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri at 7am; and Sunday group coaching call at 7pm. Build strength and burn calories w/ this total-body workout. For this virtual class you'll need: laptop or smart device (cell phone, iPad, etc.), open space in your home, a moderate weight dumbbell set (7-10lbs), resistance bands and a mat. Instructor: Rachel Miller. NO CLASS/CALL April 11-16 $199 BOOK NOW

FabBody Bootcamp               Tues & Thurs        7-8p        4/6-4/29                   $120

April 6 - April 29 FabBody Bootcamp focuses on fat burning through a cardio regimen, toning through a resistance training program and flexibility through a stretching routine. Instructor: Rachel Miller $120 BOOK NOW

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