"Chizzle" & Burn Wed 7-8p 12/2-12/23 $50

Dec 2 - Dec 23 This class is a muscle building and conditioning class focusing on building lean muscle mass through weight repetitions. Class will be a mixture of dumbbells, weighted plates, and body weight exercises designed to sculpt and define the entire body. Improve your overall strength and fitness while learning proper form and technique. Instructor: Brittanee Brown $50 BOOK NOW

Butts & Guts                               Sat                         9-10a             11/28-12/19         $50

Nov 28 - Dec 19 Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am, this class will focus on strengthening and toning your core and glutes through a variety of resistance training exercises designed to target the areas which support and provide the foundation for your body with instructor Brittanee Brown. $50 BOOK NOW

H.W.Y. to Transformation           M, W, F                      5-6a        11/23-12/18           $130

Nov 23 -Dec 18 Mon, Wed and Friday only. This high energy early morning workout is fun enough to get you out of bed each morning, but intense enough for you to see results. It will focus on 3 things: burning fat through explosive HIGH intensity interval training; sculpting your body with WEIGHT training; and transforming your mind with YOGA meditation and motivational coaching with instructor Rachel Miller. $130 BOOK NOW

Lit H.I.I.T                                      Mon                       7-8p               11/30-12-21          $50

Nov 30 - Dec 21 LIT H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) on Mondays from 7-8pm is a 60-minute class of high intensity bursts of cardio designed to burn fat, fast and efficiently to the sounds of all your favorite lit hits with instructor Amber Mays! Only 12 registrant allowed per class. $50 BOOK NOW

VIRTUAL Burn      Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri +  7-8a +     11/28-12/26              $199

Nov 28 - Dec 26 Schedule: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri at 7am; Saturday at 8pm; and Sunday group coaching call at 7pm (No class on Christmas). Build strength and burn calories w/ this total-body workout. For this virtual class you'll need: laptop or smart device (cell phone, iPad, etc.), open space in your home, a moderate weight dumbbell set (7-10lbs), resistance bands and a mat. Instructor: Rachel Miller. $199 BOOK NOW

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